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Volunteer with PAW Alliance

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with PAW Alliance (Piedmont Animal Welfare Alliance). We’re honored you’re interested in the important work that we do. PAW Alliance is the Animal Welfare partner of the minimum-security prison, Forsyth Correctional Center, in the New Leash on Life program. Dogs in need of training are paired with qualifying inmate-trainers for a 10-week session, supervised by professional trainers from the Winston-Salem Dog Training Club.


Right now, we don’t need frequent volunteers at the prison, but we are in serious need of volunteers “on the outside” to help us make the program successful. Some short-term volunteer jobs would be excellent for Service Hours for teens!


As your first step to working with PAW Alliance, please fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly. When you send your info, we will assess your interest with our needs, and get back in touch with you. After that, we’ll send you the PAW Alliance Volunteer Agreement, and arrange to meet with you. We hope that you will become a PAW Alliance Partner! Thank you!

Ways to help

  • ERRANDS: Goodness knows, we’ll have lots of them. Food and treat runs, meds pickup at vets’ offices, posting ‑ flyers and brochures, and many we haven’t even thought of yet.

  • FOSTER DOGS: If a dog isn’t adopted after the 10-wk session, we need qualified foster homes (short-term) as we actively work toward finding a forever home.

  • FUNDRAISING: *Help plan, run, and work special events and fundraisers that will support our important work. *Find grants we might apply for… this would be incredibly helpful.

  • GRADUATION: Help us with food, logistics, and other tasks at our graduations (usually at prison) after each 10-week session.

  • LAUNDRY: Really. The prison cannot wash all the towels, blankets, and pads that we use weekly at the prison. Picking up laundry from the Administration Building at the prison and laundering it at your home (or a laundromat) or taking it to someone who might be willing to do some laundry (we have some seniors who can do it).

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: If you have a knack for photos and a decent camera, we really need your help!

  • PROMOTION: Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); Creation and distribution of ‑ flyers and posters advertising our dogs for adoption; Helping manage an email list and / or data base of potential adopters, donors, and volunteers.

  • SOCIALIZING ANIMALS: Join us in a public setting to walk the dogs outside the prison campus, and help them become accustomed to different situations and people. We'd LOVE help at our adoption fairs: we have at least two per session at local venues when the inmate-trainers and prison staff are with us. 

  • VAN DRIVING: Transporting animals to and from the prison to outings, to veterinarians, etc. (over 21 only)

  • VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT: We would love help in creating a robust volunteer list and coordinating volunteers!

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