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Ranger is sponsored by The Woman's Club of Winston-Salem this session. Sponsorship covers general costs for a dog for a session. Thank you! 

Our happy teenager Ranger is a bright and bold brindle boy with a bright white chest and charming snip of white down his face. And don’t forget his ‘dancing’ white feet. Approximately 45 pounds and around two years old, Ranger is with us for another session—through no fault of his own. For some reason, this handsome lad didn’t get applications in time during the last class. But he was  a ‘success story' last session, by far being the most improved.

His history is unknown, but it obviously did not change his happy-go-lucky personality.

With a constantly wagging tail, he’s never met a stranger, so staying in control when greeting people has been his hardest challenge, but he’s doing much better! He’s learned to be attentive and in control—but give him a ball or a flick toy and it’s “Game ON.” He has lots of young boy energy and is ready for any activity.

Just look into that face and those dark eyes … he will be a devoted and joyful family member and we expect him simply to ‘hone’ his skills this session to become an even better companion.

A special thanks to Davie County Animal Services for bringing Ranger to our program!

ranger active agility.jpeg
Ranger stacy.jpg
ranger with trainer
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