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Finley! A Charmer

“Charming” is how the shelter staff described Finley. Somewhere between 1-2 years old, he’s a good sized guy at about 55 lbs. He has spaniel crinkly ear fluff but a setter-like coat, although something reminds us of a Border Collie in his size and color. AND he LOVES a good game of fetch.

He adores being in the play yard with any of his gang and he does know some basic commands. He can be very polite and just ‘hang out’ but is always up for a hike or a tour around town. He actually visited some of the stores in Walnut Cove and made tons of new friends.

We think he might have started his life in a home, since he was turned in and not found out wandering, but we don’t know that much about it.

He will be a great family addition, always ready for an adventure, a trip to the tap room or winery. We think he'll be best with older children.  

finley again stacy_edited.jpg
finley 1 stacy.jpg
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