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Parental Consent and Waiver for Child to Volunteer

For volunteers 14-17

We operate a prison dog-training program and a program helping domestic violence survivors and their pets. Junior volunteers will not volunteer on prison grounds; no volunteers are allowed at the domestic violence shelter.

By signing this form, I/we, the parent or legal guardian of the junior volunteer named above consent to her/his participation in volunteer activities organized by PAW Alliance. I understand that the child will be provided with orientation and training necessary for the safe and responsible performance of the volunteer duties and will be expected to meet all the requirements of the position, including compliance with PAW Alliance policies and procedures.
I understand that my child will receive no monetary compensation for this work.

If my child is volunteering for service hours, I will tell PAW Alliance so that the hours can be verified. 

I also understand that inherent risks may be associated with volunteer activities, including but not limited to broken bones, contusions, sprains, concussions, paralysis, and death, and will not hold PAW Alliance accountable or e for any injuries that unintentionally result from the child’s participation, or that arise during time spent volunteering due to any underlying physical condition.

Medical Treatment Authorization Parent(s)/Guardian(s), initial one of the following:

permission to authorize medical care for my child, if, in the reasonable judgment of PAW Alliance representatives, the need arises. Such medical treatment shall be provided upon the advice and supervision of any physician, surgeon, dentist, or other medical practitioner licensed to practice in the United States.

Thank you for submitting. We will be in touch regarding the volunteer application.

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