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Squash 2_edited_edited.jpg

SQUASH??? Let us explain.
Squash was tied up and abandoned outside Stokes County shelter (WHY do people do that?). When the shelter volunteer found him and took him in the next morning, she'd been on her way to pick up veggies at a local farm stand. Hence, "Squash." And we're gonna go with it. 

Somewhere between 1 and 2 years old, Squash is around 50 pound (truth be told, he could lose a few lbs., and he will). He's Besties with Shadow, since they met at FOSS's shelter. 

We see a lot of Lab in him, and maybe some hound? Look at his beautiful, shiny black coat with a "tuxedo blaze," and four white socks. He's a handsome guy who's all dressed up to go to a doggie gala with you. 

We'll help him to learn to greet more calmly (he's excited to meet everyone), but he pays good attention and calms down easily. 

After 10 weeks of training, he'll be the perfect tuxedoed gentlemen who's ready to be your doggie date. 

Thanks to Friends of Stokes Shelter for this happy boy.
squash and david resized_edited_edited.j

Squash playing with one of our W-S Dog Training Club instructors.

Instruction can be FUN!

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