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Shadow 1.jpeg

Look at that happy face!  We love it. 

Shadow had a sad story: He'd been adopted from the shelter and was well loved, but had to be returned after a year when his owner developed a terminal illness. 

He got over his sadness, though, with the help of his new friend, Squash, also in the shelter AND also in our 14th class. He's now the happy-go-lucky guy he'd always been.

This 45-50 pound boy is a fast learner with such a great, toothy smile ... alert and athletic but very willing to settle down and learn.  We love his black and tan coat, perky ears, and constantly wagging, high tail. 

He'd probably love a job, but we think he's also be happy to be your part-time couch potato, snuggle buddy, and best friend, too. 

During his 10 weeks of training, he'll learn everything well, and he's already patiently waiting to be part of your family. 

Thanks to Friends of Stokes Shelter for this great guy.
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