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Ellie! (formerly Polly)

Look at that sincere, sweet face! Gentle Ellie came to the shelter, turned in with her litter of puppies. She was a great mom except for her occasionally stealing her puppies’ toys since she is basically just out of puppyhood herself. Somewhere between 1-2 yrs. old and about 30 lbs., she is learning to be brave, and to not be timid and to trust. We see a little shepherd, a little collie and maybe a little corgi in that girl….what do you see ?

Once you are her friend, she is loyal and loving and won’t leave your side. She loves to sit with you, preferably on your foot!  

We don’t know too much about her previous life but do know that she will thrive and enjoy her new life. She’ll get 10 weeks of love, training, and confidence with us in our New Leash on Life program. Love can change the world, including hers (and yours).

Thanks to Davie County Animal Shelter for this sweet girl!
Polly 2.jpeg
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