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Dante! Adoption Pending

Our very photogenic boy, Dante decided to stay with us for one more session. This young fella is around 2 years old, very playful, and looking for an active family with a lot of dog experience. He may be an Aussie/Border Collie/ Nova Scotia Duck Toller mix, and we love his lush red and white coat and plumed tail. He's a nice size at around 45 pounds. 45 Very Beautiful Pounds.

Dante's been working on his tendency to reactive barking, and has improved, especially in calmer situations. He's very treat-motivated, so is great to train that way.

One of the smartest dogs we've ever had in the program, he LOVES to learn new things and already has a "suitcase" of neat tricks. He'd love to be someone's buddy, and he'll thrive in a loving relationship. He adores children, and with proper introductions, he gets along with most dogs, especially the girls. 

He's SO ready to join an active family at the end of his 10 weeks of training here. (He spent two weeks with an interim trainer, who said he had "a blast" with him.)

  Thanks to the Wilkes Rescue Group for this great guy.              Photos by Amanda Clark   

Dante at prison_edited.jpg
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